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Flat Bed Die Cutter

Jagenberg Wpm 600C Flat Bed Die Cutter


In production
Available 2023-05-21

EUROPE · 2002

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We present this Jagenberg WPM 600C Flat Bed Die Cutter, 1020 mm x 1420mm / 40" x 56", manufactured in 2002.

The machine can be inspected in production at any time and is immediately available.

Machinery Details:
  • Non-Stop Pile Feeder, max pile height (incl. pallet) 1550mm / 61"
  • Suction Cup Feeder
  • Die Cutter
  • Stripping Unit with Centerline
  • Pile Stacker with automatic pallet change system
  • computer control/Modem
  • Siemens S7

Technical Details:
  • max. sheet format: 1020 mm x 1420mm / 40" x 56"
  • min. sheet format: 500mm x 700mm/ 20" x 28"
  • max. die cutting format: 1003mm x 1410mm / 39.5" x 55.5"
  • Die cutting froce: 600T
  • max. mechanical speed: 8000 sheets/hour
  • materials that can be processed:
    • paper with min 80g/m2
    • cardboard up to 2000g/m2
    • corrugated board up to 5mm
  • machinery dimensions L x W x H: 10177mm x 3125mm x 3513mm / 400" x 123" x 138"
  • machinery weight: 52 tons

Technical data

Printics reference U43370323
Format 1420mm x 1020mm
Manufacturer JAGENBERG
Model WPM 600 C
Year 2002
Continent EUROPE

Dismantling and shipment

Dismantling and Loading

Estimation cost for dismantling and loading for this machine is:

31.200 €

Transportation and Logistic

In the next chart are estimated cost for intercontinental transportation. Contact us about the price for your next project.

The shortest distance is the one that does not exist

  • Personalized attention during the whole process of buying and selling
  • Instalation and start up specialized internation service
  • Transport and logistic of machinery, follow-up from place of origin to final destination
  • Procedure with the complete management of all aspects related to the operation

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