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From sale up to installation

In addition to buying and selling equipment, we offer additional services that add values to the whole process.

We support you with all the services from looking for the machines to dismantling, loading, shipping and re-installing to reach a more successful operation.

Machinery movement

We offer a complete transport service, designed by our logistic and engineering team, and adapted to each individual project

From any place of origin to its final destination:

Transport definition

helping to complete the project with minimum risk.

Loading reports

that describe and register the distribution, stowage and protection of the equipment.

Installation plans

necessary preliminary details for the installation (space, floor and the machine requirements).

Dismantling reports

indicating in detail the parts and components, electrical disconnection of the modules and their movement to the loading point.

Machinery installation

Done by professionals and based on preliminary analysis of dismantling and of the established requirements, assuring the best disposition of the equipment for its correct start-up. Verification of foundations, anchoring, leveling and alignments. Integration of supplies. Adaptation and modifications based on need.

Equipment evaluation

We offer a complete report on machine current state and the funcionality before the purchase is made.

PRINTICS offers you the posibility to evaluate a machine before purchasing it.

Evaluation reports

Evaluation reports include quantitative evaluations in order to define dimensions, power, capacity and efficiency of machines.

Qualitative evaluations

of the functioning, product, condition of parts and components, as well as maintenance status.

Security evaluation

of the activation systems, start up, emergency stops, risk of electrocution , signs, etc.

Technical documentation evaluation

installation plan, electrical schemes, operational manuals and maintenance report.

Evaluation of the actual certification

of the machine.

Equipment adaptation to CE regulation

Adaptation of your equipment to CE Regulation by our engineering company Acorsys.

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